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Meet the team

Meet the team

Messy church team photo 2016
In the back row from left to right we have: Chris, Sue, Trevor, Robyn, Wendy, Kyara, Jacquie, Libby, Sarah, Rhonda, Denise, Jan.
In the front row: David, Peter, Macey, Keith, Bleu, Robyn, Daisy-Mena.

Messy church team photo 2015
On the left: Father Brian, Libby, Jackie, Daisy-Mena, Sarah, Bleu. On the right: Kyara, Reverend Ann, Nicky, Julie-Ann, Rhonda, Stacey



While our messy church matters enormously, we laugh at our failures and know that what matters is trying in the first place.
They are encouragers, inspirers, always hopeful, full of integrity, sometimes getting it wrong and trying again a different way.