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Pastoral Care

Holy Trinity has a Pastoral Care group for assisting in various ways to our fellow parishioners.
We are a small group who meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month lead by Fr Mark with minutes recorded by Pat Walker. Our focus is to be aware of the needs of our Parish Family members. When we know of someone not well or in need of support, apart from alerting the Clergy we send out cards. Messages can always be left at the office should you know of someone needing support. Should there be a need to support someone with a meal, we can set that in place.
Nancy Harris is our mainstay for visiting, we would always welcome anyone who feels they have the gift to take up this ministry.
Various services are held at local Nursing Homes, Hostels and Retirement Villages, some taken by our own Rector, some by our assisting ministers or our Pastoral Care team members.
At times extended Holy Eucharist is take to the homes, once again by clergy or our Pastoral Care team members.

If you are not already connected to our Church but would like time with our Rector for support of any kind please contact our office to arrange an appointment.