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Trinity Band


This group is part of the Music Ministry in our church and focuses on leading the way we praise God in song. The Band and Singers have been together now for 5 years and continue to grow with time and experimentation.
Every Second and fourth Sunday of the month up to fifteen parishioners perform a set of hymns at the 9.30 am service.
We are a happy group and like to please. We do enjoy playing at the 9.30 Service particularly our ‘’walk out’’ song which we sing and play with much vigour.
The group can include up to four or five young people performing as instrumentalists or singers. Each set comprises ten hymns. Four of these are selected by our Rector and the remainder by the leader, Jeff Thompson.
The band and singers meet at the Church every Tuesday evening at 7pm for practice. Instruments in the Band include piano, harmonium, percussion, guitars, flutes, recorders, violins and saxophone.
Any person wishing to join the group will be warmly welcomed.