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Sacred Readings

Wednesday .. 5:00pm service prior to Sacred Readings

What is “Sacred Reading”?

This is a way of prayer for busy Christians who are engaged in the activities of to-day’s hectic world. It consists in placing oneself before God and reading a text from the Scriptures, internalising it, talking to God about it and listening in the quiet of one’s heart to what God has to say.

It is like slow food, slowing eating in which you take a bite of food, savour it, enjoy it, appreciate it, chew, savour, swallow and digest. It could, also, be likened to a glass of good wine; you savour its aroma, appreciate it, enjoy it, drink it slowly, taste, fully appreciate it and swallow it. You apply the same principle to nourish the soul as you use the Scriptures prayerfully.

Do you want to nourish your soul? Do you want to strengthen your life of faith? Do you want to build a bridge between your encounters with and experiences of God and everyday life with its joys, sorrows, humdrums and challenges?

Sacred Reading is a way of prayer that can provide some answers to these questions along with such things as worship, Bible study, daily prayer and an awareness of living under God’s reign in the world

How can I participate in Sacred Reading?

It can be done individually in a place of silence or as a participant in a group that meets for Sacred Reading on Wednesday at 5.30pm for approximately an hour at Holy Trinity. Members of the group encourage one another as they share together and listen in the quietness to what God has to say. The Gospel Reading for the following Sunday is used each week.

You are welcome to join this group to see what God has to say to you as an individual.