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About Christian Marriage

 You have chosen to be married in a Holy place and before God. The wedding service that we shall use affirms the following important matters –

 ‘Scripture teaches that marriage is a lifelong partnership uniting a woman and a man in heart, mind and body. In the joy of their union, husband and wife enrich and respond to each other, growing in tenderness and understanding Marriage is therefore to be honoured by all. No one should enter it lightly or selfishly, but responsibly and joyfully, with mutual respect and the promise to be faithful.’

 Marriage is indeed a high calling, and a Christian marriage takes place in the context of sacrament. That is, the ceremony, vows and exchange of rings are outward signs of God’s blessing upon the relationship and the people bound in sacred marriage. It remains for all of us to continue to be open to those blessings and to relationship with God.

 The community of faith at Holy Trinity, Terrigal warmly offers you an invitation to join us in worship and fellowship. Whenever we gather as pilgrims in the faith, we strive to claim and live the blessings and love and relationship which God in Christ freely gives us all. We hope that you will find us a welcoming and engaging community; and a community where you will be able to experience the reality, hope, love and strength of God who is revealed in Jesus.

 Our community of faith offers many activities and groups for the needs of people.  We would welcome any enquiries on telephone (02) 43651115 or


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